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Legal topics are not always easy to understand, even though they should be. Yet everyone engages in legal activities, be it in a criminal sense, in contractual agreements, or performing a duty. Knowing how to behave and what to do is indeed very useful.

Maastricht Law Talk offers talks about comparative law in the context of the European Union since October 2016. What is law and why do we – as a State – harm others with sentencing? The title honours the importance of the Treaty of Maastricht for the European Union.


avatar Benedikt Schmitz
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My name is Benedikt and I am the founder and host of (Maastricht) Law Talk. After having studied German Law for two years in Potsdam, I decided to quit and strive for something more European, something more international, and especially: something more interesting. Maastricht University’s European Law School programme offered what I desired – that’s why I am a proud resident of Maastricht for just over two years.

Next to my studies I have worked as a research assistant for the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. However, and I cannot stress this often enough, this podcast is not affiliated with Maastricht University and only bears the name because of the importance of the Treaty of Maastricht.

I have developed a close relationship to podcasts over the last years and decided relatively quickly to start one of my own. More than three years later I have started Maastricht Law Talk – the first edition of a wider vision for Law Talk as a legal podcasting network – with joy.

avatar Anette Piirsalu

My name is Anette and I am a student assistant here at Maastricht Law Talk. I grew up in Estonia and after finishing my studies, I was searching for an opportunity to pursue a law degree abroad. Maastricht University’s European Law Programme seemed to offer everything I was looking for and after a year spent in this lovely city I could not be happier with this choice.

I have always been active in youth organisations, such as the European Youth Parliament, and so it happened that I also found several organisations to get involved in here in Maastricht. I started following the Law Talk podcast from the beginning of my studies as I found it to be a very valuable addition to my courses. Moreover, I liked the aim of the podcast to bring legal topics closer to everyone simply and understandably, while still giving a well-rounded and interesting overview of current topics and debates.

For these reasons, I was sure that I wanted to contribute to the programme at the moment I saw a call for the assistant position and I was thrilled to be accepted to the team!